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Snow Products

ONLY €69.95 inc vat.

( Only Available during Winter Season in Ireland )

ISSE Snow Socks

Don’t get stuck in the snow this winter. Prevention is better than a cure…. keep ISSE snow socks in the boot of your car and be ready for the bad weather, rather than looking to buy when the weather becomes bad!

Improves Traction and Grip in Snow and Icy Conditions

Sizes Available: Size 54, Size 58, Size 62, Size 66, Size 70, Size 74

Fitting a snow sock is very straight forward and will only take a short time.Start to fit the sock over the driving wheels of the car. Starting at the top of the tyre and bring it down.Move the vehicle forward a little bit to put the sock over the rest of the tyre. Once you start driving with the snow sock it will center itself and will be on perfectly.

To find your size you will need to check your tyres for 3 numbers, they are located on the outside of the tyre. They will tell you the Width, Profile and the diameter. We will then match it to our stock.

Available in Kids sizes
ONLY €16.95inc vat

ISSE Snow shoe grips

Size S (Kids) M (4-7) L (7-11) XL (12-14)

The shoe grip is a simple yet very effective solution for the pedestrian to prevent/aid slipping in the snow and ice. These shoe grips are a fantastic remedy to the cold snowy winters. No longer will you have to worry about slipping on the snow or ice if you are not wearing your snow boots. Now you can just pop these shoe grips into your bag or backpack and place them over your shoes whenever you need them. Also the shoe grips will keep your feet dry and warm.

Shoe grips are a must have for the cold winters ahead

ONLY €18.95inc vat

Hecht 46cm Snow Shovel

Ideal for clearing snow from driveways and footpaths or even for clearing away leaves from your garden.




ONLY €14.95inc vat

200mm ICE Scraper

1400 mm Fibre glass handle

Ideal for clearing ice from drivways and footpaths.